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METROPOLIS is both a retail store and art gallery in one space. We feature Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Modern Art.

Whereas the traditional idea of an art gallery has typically been 2-D art hung on white walls and little else, our concept was to go further - combine good design from any medium and make it all work together. We had a vision of a "lifestyle" store, where one could see original art working with classic Modern furniture and home decor, presenting a clearer idea of how any or all of these pieces could co-exist within one's home.

METROPOLIS specializes in finding the best and brightest emerging artists in the US and abroad, and have been proud to exclusively show the work of artists such as John Baizley, Aya Kakeda, Rob Sato, Cupco of Australia, Suckadelic, Mike Egan, Ben Kehoe, Oliver Hibert and countless others. By placing the contemporary artwork of cutting-edge artists alongside a revolving stock of the best Modern decor, METROPOLIS shows the commonality and aesthetic bridging the best design of the 20th and 21st Century.

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